We welcome you to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia- Office for Child and Youth Protection’s (OCYP) website and hope you will find it helpful and informative. On these pages, you will find an overview of our services, resources for victims/survivors of child sexual abuse and their families, important information and resources for Archdiocese clergy, staff and volunteers, as well as a link to our Training Institute.

  • Safe Environment

    “Promise to Protect”
    A comprehensive child safety and
    child sexual abuse prevention program, which creates a network of prevention and protection for the children entrusted into the Archdiocese's care.

  • Victim Assistance

    “Pledge to Heal”
    OCYP provides compassionate and supportive assistance to victims of clergy abuse and their families.

  • Training Institute

    Our Training Institute offers a variety of training programs for Archdiocese clergy, staff, volunteers, parents, and members of our parish community who want to take an active role in protecting children.